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If Timeshares Are So Bad, Why Do People I Know Say They Like Theirs?

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There are several different reasons why buyers remorse may not be very apparent. The first is that the negative attributes associated with the bad investment are likely appeased to an extent of coexistence with the positive rewards of the vacation itself. The Timeshare owner is often times going to find themselves aware that though it may not have been the crowing achievement of thrift spending, that they are pretty much stuck with it and just make the best out of the situation.

The same kind of passive psychological forgiveness can be said for any vacation, not just Timeshare sales. You could go through a travel agent and plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas only to befriend a couple who may boast about securing last minute plane and hotel reservations through a discount internet site. While they may end up revealing that they spent half the price to get similar accommodations, this will generally not determine the amount of happiness the vacation brought you.

People pay premiums on financial transactions everyday. While an economist may feel that a $30 right field ticket in to a New York Mets game may be more practical than the second row seat on the third baseline demanding $90, the devoted fan has every right to disagree. There is nothing wrong with having a value attached to an experience that supercedes the monetary commitment entailed. In fact, it is pretty common in relationship to something personally worthwhile with almost everybody in some capacity.

This article simply attempts to discuss the complete costs associated with Timeshare ownership, the relationship with depreciation and the expectations involved with reselling on a second hand market. It further intends to arm consumers with objective information to help promote smart decisions based on careful consideration to their needs. This is an integral process of any major purchase that is so often jeopardized within the high pressure sales tactics employed in the Timeshare industry.

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