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The Great Timeshare Debate

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Let Us Begin With The Reality Some Current Timeshare Owners Are Facing

I Would Like To Sell My Timeshare?

The honest truth is that only extremely sought after timeshares can achieve a resale value of 50% or more of what was initially paid through sale in a second hand market. A realistic figure for most is closer to 12% or 20%. The primary reason for this depreciation is the simple economics that there are a lot more people that wish to sell their interests than people actively looking to purchase them. There are further complications as well. Resort developers usually spend a hefty amount getting consumers to commit their membership. Advertising, gifts and luxury accommodations are all common expenses that are logically passed on to the consumer through inflating the fair market value of the “asset”.

Furthermore, timeshare sales tactics have been cited as being aggressive and a great deal of transactions can be chalked up as “impulse buys” from consumers who were somewhat uninformed of how exactly their arrangement would work. By contrast, people who are looking to purchase timeshares on the second hand market have likely educated themselves through comparative analysis and don’t have high pressure salespeople with prizes or fancy dinners to persuade their financial decisions. For this reason they tend to discriminate highly and generally seek out only the most ideal properties. They will also be able to compare the difficulty and availability of swaps with sister resort properties that can have a substantial impact on the resale ability of your timeshare.

You should be able to list your timeshare through a licensed real estate broker. You will want to avoid representation that costs money before your property is sold. In addition, you will want to compare the percentages of post sale fees with at least two different competitive brokers. This will also help you gauge the competency and communication standards of the competing agents. It may payoff to also be active in the process yourself by placing ads in local free classifieds and community websites such as Craigslist. The most important advice is to be realistic with the listing price you set by first researching comparable timeshares that have sold in your development recently.

Again, it is fundamental not to pay anyone to only list your Timeshare and only consider paying after sale based concessions to a licensed agent. Please understand it may be a possibility that you simply cannot sell the timeshare right now, even at a discount. The last thing you want to do is waste $300 to $500 and still be in possession of yours.

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